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We actually decided to visit Nusa Penida because of the famous Kelingking beach BUT Nusa has so much more to explore! I was really surprised of the variety that this island offers. If you are visiting Bali, then plan at least a 3-day trip to this gorgeous island – you will LOVE it! If you are not already a 100% convinced then here are six reasons why you have to visit Nusa Penida:

Why you have to visit Nusa Penida

1. The most stunning cliffs

Nusa Penida has some incredible cliffs, I would even say they are the most impressive ones I have ever seen! Some of them are even higher than 200-300 meters and can be visited at viewpoints all over the island. The most famous ones are Banah Cliffs, Thousand Island (Pulau Seribu) Viewpoint, Manta Ray Viewpoint, Diamond Beach Viewpoint, Teletubbie hills and Saren Cliff Viewpoint.

Almost the whole coastline of Nusa Penida are cliffs, at some of them it is possible to walk down to the beach but mostly those walks are pretty steep and it a small hike down.

2. Gorgeous people

We met so many lovely Indonesian people, everyone was very helpful and friendly and really wanted to make our stay as nice as possible. I had the impression they are thankful for the tourism coming to their island. I really hope that will not change within the next years as the resort building on Nusa is growing like crazy. While driving around the island we saw new half-finished resorts almost everywhere!

3. Not crazy touristy

We were pretty surprised that Nusa Penida was not crazy touristy! For sure the most famous sights such as Kelingking beach, Broken beach and Angel’s Billabong are very touristy during the day but that is way not everything the island offers! For example, at Tembeling beach and Forest, the Banah cliffs and some waterfalls we saw like five other tourists.

If you want to avoid the crowds at the more famous spots, then you have to visit them between 7 AM and 9 AM. We arrived at Kelingking beach around 7.30AM and we were the only one there until around 8 AM when like 4 other tourists arrived.

4. Awesome beaches

Well, I guess I don’t have to say much about that point. Nusa has some of the most famous beaches around the globe. Just have a look at all the photos being posted about Nusa Penida – and trust me, seeing them in real is even more stunning!

5. The cutest lodges and bungalows

Lodging in Nusa is not really expensive. Little cottages and bungalows are available all over the island and most of them cost between 10-20€ per night. We stayed at Sunset Hill Cottages and I can highly recommend them!

6. Stunning forests and naturals pools

Last but not least, Nusa does not only offer beaches, the island also has some stunning forests and natural pools. The most famous one is Tembeling forest with the crazy blue natural pool. The drive there is pretty spectacular as the last 3 km down is kind of steep and you should be an experienced motorbike driver.

If you got curious visiting it then also out our Travel Guide for Nusa Penida.