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Together with Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan, these three islands are located just around the corner of Bali. If you are not sure yet if you'd like to visit Nusa Penida, here are some reasons why you HAVE to visit this island.

Nusa Penida travel guide

Before starting with the must-sees on Nusa Penida, let’s talk about some general things you need to know.

How to get there?

Nusa Penida is around 35 minutes away by speed boat from Bali. The most recommended way is to start your trip at Sanur, this ferry port is located pretty close to Denpasar, Bali. It is possible to either buy the tickets in advance online/at your accommodation or directly at Sanur ferry port. We bought it at our guesthouse as the price there included the transfer to Sanur and back. Additionally, try to find a ferry company that also includes the drop-off and pick-up to/at your accommodation on Nusa Penida. Meanwhile, there are many speed boat company’s offering rides to Nusa, so it is possible to choose between many ferry’s during the day. The earliest is sometimes around 8AM and the latest around 5PM.

Where to stay?

Lodging in Nusa is not really expensive. Little cottages and bungalows are available all over the island and most of them cost between 10-20€ per night. We stayed at Sunset Hill Cottages and I can highly recommend them! Check it out here.

How to get around on the island?

By motorbike

Motorbikes cost around 60k-70k a day and can be rented at the harbor or at every accommodation. Be aware that the streets on Nusa Penida are not the best and for driving around with a motorbike you should be an experienced driver. We rented a motorbike for one day to visit the south area because there the streets are better compared to the other areas. As we are not experienced drivers we did not take the risk to also drive to the other areas.

By car

Another possibility is to rent a driver for a day, this should be around 600k-700k, depending on the duration and the stops you would like to do. We rented a driver for the east and west area as the streets there are pretty bad and the distances are much longer.

As I mentioned above, we divided up the islands into different areas as one area includes enough for a full day. Generally, I would recommend you to plan at least a 2-day or 3-day trip to Nusa Penida, as the island offers so much to explore. The distances are not super far but the streets on Nusa Penida are pretty bad and it takes long (1-2 hours) to drive to the different locations. Here is a suggestion on how to explore the island in three days:

Day 1: East Area

Example for a day tour here: Teletubbie hills, Diamond Beach, Atuh Beach, Thousand Island Viewpoint and the famous tree house.

Day 2: South Area

Example for a day tour here: Banah Cliffs, Tembeling beach, forest and natural pool, Peguyangan waterfall and Manta Point.

Day 3: West Area

Example for a day tour here: Kelingking Beach, Broken Beach, Angel’s Billabong and Crystal Bay.

What to see in the East?

Teletubbie hills

We started our trip on day one with the teletubbie hills. To get there you have to drive up a hilly and very small street but the view is absolutely worth it! The funny thing is that these hills really do look like from the kid’s series teletubbies.

Teletubbie hills Nusa Penida

Diamond Beach and Atuh Beach

Continue with Diamond beach and Atuh beach. Both are located directly next to each other, so you can visit both from the same starting point. Diamond beach is clearly one of the most stunning beaches I have ever seen! When walking down from the parking area this beach is located on the right but you are already having an incredible view from the top of the cliffs. It is also possible to walk down to the diamond beach, this is a medium steep walk with lots of stairs and an incredible view! After enjoying Diamond beach, head over to Atuh beach for a quick relaxing time there.

Now, after visiting both beaches head over to the other side of this bay to see the famous treehouse and the thousand island viewpoint. Unfortunately, both are not in walking distance but the drive there is not very long.

The most famous treehouse

Because one single image of this treehouse did go viral on Instagram a few years ago, this place is very famous on Nusa Penida. Normally, it is pretty crowded in the morning but when you visit that place around 3-4 PM it will be almost empty. We had luck and were the only ones there for about one hour.

Thousand Island viewpoint

Just a few steps up the hill on the cliffs next of the treehouse, is thousand island viewpoint. The best time here again is the late afternoon as then it will be less crowded.

What to see in the South?

Banah Cliffs

Starting with Banah cliffs, this place offers an amazing view all the way up to the Kelingking beach combined with a 300 meters’ deep view down to the water. It was so incredible high; I can’t even describe how stunning it felt looking down! But: There is no safeguarding so be careful and do not walk too far on the edge.

Banah cliffs

Tembeling beach, forest and natural pool

Tembeling offers a variation of a stunning forest, two very beautiful beaches and an even more stunning natural pool! The way down here is pretty steep and should only be driven down with the motorbike if you are experienced. We decided to walk the way down (3KM) and that was actually very beautiful as we walked somewhere in the middle of the forest.

Peguyangan Waterfall

Again, the view here is incredible! To walk down the waterfall, you have to borrow a sarong at the entrance (10K) as you are coming through a temple on the way. Walking down (20 min) and up is a nice workout but it is worth it. This place includes it all, stunning cliffs, blue water and an incredible view.

Penguiangan waterfall nusa penida

What to see in the west?

Kelingking Beach

That’s definitely the most known Instagram spot on Nusa Penida. Even though we already kind of "knew" this place it did not disappoint in real life. It was even better than what I expected, it felt absolutely magical to stand up there with a view down to the beach. To see that place empty, I would recommend you visiting it between 7 AM and 9 AM. Hint: Also visit the cliffs next to the viewpoint to even have a better view “on” the t-rex.

Kelingking beach Nusa Penida

Broken Beach and Angel’s Billabong

Located close to Kelingking beach you will find Angel’s Billabong and Broken beach. Both are located directly next to each other and the distance is walkable. First, you’ll pass by the Angel’s billabong, a natural pool above the ocean. During some months of the year, it is possible to take a bath there but since three people died because of the strong current they closed the pool and open it only when the tide is very low.

Now, walk over to Broken Beach and enjoy the stunning view on the ocean. Unfortunately, it is not possible to walk down to the beach itself but the view from above is pretty nice! If you would like to see that place less crowded, then also visit it in the morning right after Kelingking beach. We arrived there around 9AM and after around 10AM it was super crowded!

Cristal Bay

Located almost in the north of Nusa Penida, that beach is the perfect spot to enjoy the sunset. Take off the rest of the day after exploring Kelingking beach, Broken beach and Angel’s Billabong. Have some nice drinks here, enjoy the beach and wait for the sun to set.

And that's it - our guide for a 3-day trip to Nusa Penida. If you are also curious about our TOP 5 spot on Nusa Penida, check them out here.