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Before flying to Indonesia, we've already seen and heard a lot about how stunning the Komodo Islands are supposed to be. It took us literally 5 minutes of looking Komodo up on Google until we knew we also have to visit this incredible place when we are in Indonesia. We can only recommend everyone who is planning to visit Indonesia to also visit Komodo and sail around the most stunning areas there.

How to get to the Komodo Islands ?

The best way is to fly from Denpasar, Bali, directly to Labuan Bajo (that's the place where all the boats leave to sail around the Komodo Islands). Mostly the flights cost around 100-150€ return, and the duration is only 1 hour. We can recommend you to get a flight in the late afternoon/evening from Bali to Labuan Bajo, because most of the trips start in the morning at around 8 AM.

How to get around the Komodo Islands ?

As the area around the Komodo Islands consists of hundreds of small islands, you have to explore them via boat. We decided to do a 3-day boat tour to fully experience the beauty around Komodo (the sunsets and sunrises on the water are insane!!). As we were only two people, it would have been too expensive to rent a whole boat. Therefore, we decided to join a so-called 'open trip'. That means we were sharing a boat with around ten other people, but we still had our cabin and privacy. All we can say here: Without the fantastic people we met on the boat, the trip would not have been the same!

Generally, an open three days and two nights' trip on a beautiful boat cost you around 200-300€, which is absolutely a fair price for what's included (all meals & drinks, private cabin). We made our boat trip together with the travel agency Indahnesia on their boat Phinisi (find our tour here).

All right, after now pointing out all the essential things you need to know for a Komodo trip, we'd like to give you some more insights about how our 3-day trip looked like:


Day 1 started with getting picked up at our hotel around 8 AM as we met the crew around 9 AM at the harbor in Labuan Bajo. As soon as our luggage and everyone was on the boat, we directly headed towards our first destination.

Stop 1: Kelor Island

After a short 1-hour drive, we reached the incredible Kelor Island, marked by its blue water, the white sand and a stunning landscape in the back.

Stop 2: Snorkel spot close to Kelor Island

After exploring the beauty of Kelor Island and before heading to our sunset spot for the day, we did a quick stopover in front of a private island for some snorkeling there.

Stop 3: Pulau Kalong (Sunset)

Pulau Kalong is a pretty small island, and it does not look any special at all, but this place hides something insane – thousands of flying foxes. During the day they hide on Palau Kalong and as soon as the sun sets, they fly out to find some food. That moment is quite hard to describe, but it is just insane seeing thousands of flying foxes in the sky with still having the sunset mood.


Stop 1: Padar Island

Day 2 started with a little hike at around 5.30 AM up to the hill on Padar Island where we watched an insane sunrise!

Hint: Flying a drone is officially not allowed on this island, and if they 'catch' you, you have to pay a fee (around 60€). We were still flying the drone, and no one was saying a thing but try to fly from up the hill because that's where it is less crowded.

Stop 2: Pink Beach

After having breakfast on the boat, we headed over to the pink beach. Because of broken red shells and corals, the beach appears to be pink (not because of Photoshop ).

Stop 3: Long Beach

We did a quick stopover here to have lunch and enjoy some fun time on the boat.

Stop 4: Komodo Island

Our last stop of day 2 included a tour on the Komodo Island to see the Komodo dragons. These dragons are the largest living species of lizards as they can grow to a maximal length of 3 meters. Generally, the Komodo dragons are not dangerous for humans, but occasionally they do attack. To be honest, this does not surprise us, as people are walking insanely close to the dragons just to take pictures with them.

Day 3

Stop 1: Sunrise at Komodo Island

We stayed the night in front of Komodo Island and watched another stunning sunrise there in the morning. I seriously can't tell you which sunset/sunrise has been the best during our trip; I can only recommend you not to miss a single one when you're making this trip!!

Stop 2: Taka Makassar

After breakfast, we headed over to Taka Makassar, a little sand islands located in the middle of nowhere. The water is insanely clear, and you honestly don't know whether you are in Indonesia or on the Maldives.

Stop 3: Manta Point

As the name already suggests, Mantas can be seen here. You do not always have the luck to see them, but after about 1 hour of snorkeling, we found some. The underwater world here is pretty impressive, and we spotted some turtles, beautiful corals and colorful fishes.

Stop 4: Pulau Kanawa

Our last spot of the trip included some snorkeling again with an overwhelmed underwater offer but instead of going snorkeling here we jumped off the boat as Chris wanted to improve his backflip skills.

These three days sailing around the Komodo Islands have been one of the most incredible experience we did in Indonesia, and I guess we will never forget all the magical sunrises and sunsets we had on the boat.

In case you do have some more questions about our 3-day sailing trip around the Komodo Islands, do not hesitate to contact us at any time!