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Osttirol - A place to calm down!

Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with the "Tourismusverband Osttirol".

Three days without a cellphone connection. Three days without Social Media. Three days just you, me, and the sound of nature. Sounds fantastic, right?

Stress and overwork are issues that most of us have to face in our daily lives. We live in a world where everything has to run faster and more efficiently, day by day! To all that, the current pandemic is not improving our stress level. Especially right now, it is more than essential to sometimes switch off and to recharge our internal batteries.

At the beginning of August, we had the pleasure of spending a few days in the beautiful area of Innergschlöß in Osttirol to relax and refocus. For us, there is no better place for calming down than the mountains. Being surrounded by waterfalls, rivers, and those giant mountain peaks give us inner peace. 

In general, Austria has many beautiful places to offer, but none of those we have visited so far is comparable with Osttirol! The area has its very own character, and you have the feeling that time just stopped. For us, Osttirol is the epitome of a mountain paradise, a place of rest and an area where you can escape the daily hustle.

Another highlight of the area we visited is the lack of cellphone connection. Yes, this might sound unimaginable, but the area of Innergschlöß has no phone connection! For us, this has been the greatest blessing because we could finally really switch off. We are used to spending much time on Social Media, in our Mails, or somewhere else on the phone. Therefore, a digital detox is something we all need and is good for us time by time!

During our three days in Innerglschöß, we experienced and hiked a lot around the area of Großvenediger. From our starting point, the Venedigerhaus Innergschlöss, it has been possible to start various stunning hikes to waterfalls, and lakes. In the following, we would like to share our area highlights with you: 

  1. Foothills of the glacier "Großvenediger." 

  2. Auge Gottes 

  3. Salzbodensee

  4. Gschlößbach and Innergschlöss

1. Foothills of the glacier "Großvenediger." 

With 3657 m, the Großvenediger is the largest mountain within the Venediger group in the Hohen Tauern mountain range. An ascent to the Großvenediger is possible from different sides; one begins with the "Venedigerhaus," where we stayed. We did not ascent the summit itself, but as part of the glacier walk, we hiked to the glacier's foothills. From there, you have a beautiful view on the glacier and the area around. The path up is quite easy, around 2 hours long, and surrounded by an incredible landscape! 

2. Auge Gottes 

After a 1.5h ascent from the Venedigerhaus Innergschlöss, you reach the so-called "Auge Gottes." The nature in the area seems almost untouched. If there were not any hiking trail signs, you might think you were the first one up there. It is possible to walk further up to the foothills (mentioned above) of the Großvenediger or down to Innergschlöß via Salzbodensee. 

3. Salzbodensee

Just 15 minutes below the "Auge Gottes," the so-called Salzbodensee is located - a place that indeed left us speechless! The clear water and the incredibly beautiful surroundings are giving this lake an extraordinary feeling. Numerous three-thousand-meter peaks characterize the panorama. Generally, Osttirol has 266 mountains with heights over 3,000 meters, including the highest peak of Austria, the Grossglockner (3,798 meters). We were quite surprised by the warm water temperature, so if you are planning a visit during the summer, bring your swim clothes!

4. Gschlößbach and Innerglschöss

The starting point of our hikes was the Innergschlöß valley, with the Venedigerhaus as the center. This place has something extraordinary because you have the feeling that time stands still. The Innerschlöß valley consists of numerous beautiful old huts. Surrounded by dreamlike flower meadows, the river "Gschlössbach" flows through the small village. For us, this place is all you need to cope with stress, rest, and connect with yourself again!

"Take a moment and imagine a place…

A place where everything runs at its own pace...

A place where you can connect your mind with the elements...

A place where you can feel the power of nature...

This place is Osttirol"

Last but not least, here are our top 5 reasons why you have to visit Osttirol:

  1. The most calming area we've been to in the Alps so far!

  2. The area of Innergschlöß is 100% original. You will find the most beautiful huts you have ever seen there! 

  3. No cellphone network - this is something scarce to find nowadays, and especially for our "digital" generation, it is important to sometimes get off the grid! 

  4. Insane views: The area of Osttirol is home to some of the highest mountains in Austria. During all our hikes, we had some beautiful views on the so-called Großvenediger (3,666 m). 

  5. Lakes, waterfalls, and rivers.... The power of water is present everywhere! It doesn't matter where you will hike to. You'll always have some impressive waterfalls, calming lakes, or beautiful rivers along the way! 


Maja and Chris