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Praia da Ursa

Let us start with my personal favorite beach around Lisbon – Praia da Ursa. Located in the middle of nowhere and with no direct streets to the beach, this place is marked by its breathtaking nature! Praia da Ursa is famous mostly because of the giant rock in the water and the cliffs around it. It does not matter if it is in summer or winter; this place always leaves me speechless. You can either enjoy the beach, go for some walks on the cliff or surf there. Here you have to bring your own board as there is no rental service at the beach.

Side note: Pretty close to Praia da Ursa (5min) is the most western place in Europe, the so-called Cabo da Roca. You can find a little light tower and a small restaurant there. I was not overwhelmed by this place, but a visit once is worth it.

How to get there ?

The most recommended and most comfortable way is renting a car in Lisbon and drive to the closest parking spot. As far as I know, there are two available parking spots; we always used the first one coming up when driving towards the beach (type in your navigation system: Praia da Ursa). Be careful here because after rainy days the streets can be very muddy and huge stones are showing up on the streets. We mostly parked right at the beginning of the sandy road on the side (there are about 6–8 parking spots). From this place on you have to walk to the beach for about 20 minutes but already the walk is absolutely worth it. As its a pretty steep way down the hill I would recommend wearing closed shoes for that (I also tried it with flip flops, but I regretted it in the end).

Praia dos Coelhos

This is what I call a hidden paradise!!! Seriously, this beach is just one of the most beautiful places I have been to, at least in Europe. It's a little bay hidden in a National Park. We had that place all for our self but maybe only because it was not high season. If you are going there stand up to crystal clear water and white sand - honestly it's a dream!

How to get there ?

Same as for Praia da Ursa it might be the best idea to rent a car again in Lisbon. From there it is a 55-minute drive to the parking spot of the beach. Maybe "parking spot" is a bit over the top, let's say there is a place next to the street where it is possible to park. From there you have to walk down for about 10-15 minutes like. To reach the beach just type in "Praia dos Coelhos" and your navigation system will lead you to the spot where you can park. From there have a look at google maps (satellite mode) for the right way down as if you take the wrong one you will end up at another beach.

Praia do Guincho

Located pretty close to Cascais, this beach is perfect for some water sport such as surfing or kiting. The waves at Guincho are always a bit higher, and the current is stronger than at the other beaches around Lisbon. Therefore this place is perfect for good surfers, but it might not be the best place for surf beginners (Chris had his 3rd surf lesson there, and since then he is avoiding to surf there). Nevertheless, this beach is surrounded by beautiful nature and massive dunes. Behind Praia do Guincho is a little mountain (more a hill) where it is possible to drive around with some motorbikes or quads. During the high season, I prefer this beach instead of the other beaches around Lisbon, as the wind is pretty strong and that makes the heat comfortable. Visiting Guincho during the offseason can be a bit cold so don't forget to bring a warm jacket then.

How to get there ?

Again, I guess the most comfortable way is renting a car, but as this place is pretty close to Cascais, it is also possible to get there by train (cheapest version). Right in the center of Lisbon, there is a train station called Cais do Sodré, from there catch a train towards Cascais. A return ticket from Lisbon to Cascais costs typically around 5 to 7€. The train ride takes about 40 minutes as far as I remember. Arrived at Cascais, I would recommend you to order a Uber or Taxify to Praia do Guincho. We usually paid around 6–7€ for one way, and it took us like 15 minutes until we arrived at the beach.

Costa da Caparica

With more than 30 kilometers, Costa da Caparica is probably the longest beach around Lisbon. During summer times almost everyone from Lisbon is spending the weekends there so it can be pretty crowded then. I love this place from October until April, but from Mai until September I am not a huge fan of going there because of all the crowds. Nevertheless, for learning to surf, this might be the best spot. The waves are pretty perfect, the current is not that strong, and there are many surf schools available. Also, this is my favorite place to watch sunsets as the sun is going down right into the water.

How to get there ?

As this beach is the closed one to Lisbon, we usually always drive there via Uber or Taxify. From the city to Praia da Saude (that is the part of the beach where we are most of the time) the price for one way is around 10–16€. As we usually share a Uber/Taxify with 2-3 other people the price for both ways is around 5-8€. Chris once took the ferry from Lisbon to the other side and then drove via bus to Costa da Caparica, but that takes more than one hour.

Praia do Cavalo

Located somewhere in the middle of nowhere, this beach is marked by its stunning landscape and deep turquoise water! I had to remind myself twice that I am in Portugal and not somewhere in Asia. If you are looking for a unique place with stunning nature and water, this one is perfect! Compared to other beaches, this one is very windless, so it suits perfectly for visits during the low season with colder temperatures. Side note: Do not forget to bring yourself some food and drinks as there is nothing at the beach except water, sand, and stones!

How to get there ?

The easiest and best way to get there is renting a car in Lisbon. To reach this beach you have to drive around 40 minutes from Lisbon down south close to Sesimbra. About 20 minutes away from the beach is a little "road "(more a sandy and stony street) where it is possible to park and walk down. Just type in "Praia do Cavalo "in your navigation system, and it should lead you the right way!

Carcavelos beach

Comparing to the other beaches mentioned above, this one is more a city beach with houses instead of nature behind. Nevertheless, Carcavelos beach is still pretty beautiful and very easy to reach! This place is pretty known for surfing and all the beach cafes. Additionally, watching the sunset here is highly recommended and very beautiful!

How to get there ?

Again, you can catch a train from Cais do Sodré, Lisbon. The duration until Carcavelos train station is between 19 minutes with the express train or 30 minutes with the normal one. A return ticket costs around 5€, so that is pretty affordable. From Carcavelos train station you have to walk about 15 minutes to the beach promenade.