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Here are our Top 5 things you should not miss when you are in Nusa Penida:

1. Teletubbie hills

The so called Teletubbie hills are located in the more eastern part of Nusa Penida. The name is inspired by the series Teletubbies from the 90s and that name perfectly fits because these hills really do look like it! To get there you have to drive up a hilly and very small street but the view is absolutely worth it!

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2. Diamond Beach

Diamond beach is clearly one of the most stunning beaches I have ever seen! When walking down from the parking area this beach is located on the right but you are already having an incredible view from the top of the cliffs. It is also possible to walk down to the beach, this is a medium steep walk with lots of stairs and an incredible view!

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3. Banah Cliffs

This place offers an amazing view all the way up to the Kelingking beach combined with a 300 meters’ deep view down to the water. It was so incredible high; I can’t even describe how stunning it felt looking down! But: There is no safeguarding so be careful and don't not walk too far on the edge.

4. Tembeling beach, forest and natural pool

Tembeling offers a variation of a stunning forest, two very beautiful beaches and an even more stunning natural pool! The way down here is pretty steep and should only be driven down with the motorbike if you are experienced. We decided to walk the way down (3KM) and that was actually very beautiful as we walked somewhere in the middle of the forest.

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5. Kelingking Beach

That’s definitely the most known Instagram spot on Nusa Penida. Even though we already kind of "knew" this place it did not disappoint in real life. It was even better than what I expected, it felt absolutely magical to stand up there with a view down to the beach. To see that place empty, I would recommend you visiting it between 7 AM and 9 AM. Hint: Also visit the cliffs next to the viewpoint to even have a better view “on” the t-rex.

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