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After having explored my new home town Lisbon the past 6 months, I summarized my personal highlights and recommendations in a 3-day guide. Enjoy reading!


Basilica da Estrela

Located in the north-west of Lisbon you’ll find this super cute church with a stunning rooftop. Almost no one really recognizes this basilica, therefore it’s pretty deserted. To be able to get to the rooftop you have to pay around 4€ but that’s worth it.

Best rooftop in Lisbon

Bairro alto

Bairro alto is the so-called Old Town of Lisbon. Here you will find lots of cafes, bars and gorgeous houses covered in tiles. It's worth just strolling through the alleyways and occasionally making a stop at a cafe.

Carmo convent

As part of a former monastery and located in the middle of Lisbon you can find this beautiful building. The church, built in 1423, is considered one of Lisbon's magnificent Gothic pieces. Unfortunately, due to the earthquake in 1755, the monastery and the church were destroyed. A complete reconstruction has never taken place, which is why the Church has no roof.

Best spot you must visit in Lissabon

Rossio square

After visiting the Carmo church it’s possible to walk further down the streets to Rossio train station and to the Rossio square. Both, the train station and the square are pretty beautiful and a visit worth.

Cacilhas/Christo statue

To finish the first day, walk down to Cais do Sodre and take a ferry over to the other side (Cacilhas). From there it’s possible to walk over to a restaurant called Ponto Final (highly recommended) or even further up to the Christo statue. From both, the restaurant and the statue you’re having a fantastic view over Lisbon.


Miradouro de Santa Luzia

One of my absolute favourite spots to watch sunrise in Lisbon! It is more than worth it to get up early and enjoy sunrise there!


Right at Miradouro de Santa Luzia is the beginning of Lisbon’s oldest district called Alfama. This district used to be very poor but meanwhile it’s trendy, young and super beautiful. You’ll find lots of cute and small streets with amazing tiles pattern there.

National Pantheon, Mosteiro de São Vicente de Fora, Castelo de São Jorge

When in Alfama, a visit of National Pantheon, Mosteiro de São Vicente de Fora and Castelo de São Jorge are absolutely worth it! All of them open around 10AM and the entrance is mostly pretty cheap (except Castelo). HINT: The Mosteiro and National Pantheon both have a rooftop terrace with a beautiful view!

Miradouro da Graça

If you are looking for a spot to watch sunset with an amazing view then visit Miradouro da Graça - You will love it!

DAY 3:

Mosteiro dos Jerónimos

One of my favourite buildings in Lisbon!! I would recommend you to get there around 9.30AM (opens at 10AM) as this sight is super crowded and even at 9.30AM you will have to queue up! If possible, try to buy some tickets online in advance.

secret tip to visit Mosteiro dos Jerónimo in Belem

Belem tower

After visiting the Mosterio it’s possible to just cross the street and walk over to the Belem tower. Or if you would like to see the tower deserted, go there even before visiting the Mosterio at around 7/8AM.


The Maat is located on the banks of the Tejo river towards Lisbon. It is possible to walk there from Belem, alternatively you can also borrow one of the electro scooters and drive to the Maat.

Lx factory

LX Factory is seen by locals as a mini-city for the creatives. Many sweet cafes, boutiques and restaurants are located here. If you’re having the time, visit the rooftop bar in the LX factory, from here you have an amazing view over the bridge and the sunset.

Rooftop bars

1. Park restaurant


3. Lx factory


1. Bowls & Bar

2. Popolo

3. To.B to burger or not to burger

Café/breakfast spots

1. Heim Café

2. Fauna and Flora

3. Comboa Lisboa

Hint: If you are looking for the best icecream in town – visit Nannarella, you'll love it!

If you have more time than three days, I can recommend you visiting a beach in the area of Lisbon. Find out more here: Best 6 beaches around Lisbon

Hope you enjoyed reading this blogpost, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me at any time!