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Before planning our trip to Namibia in detail, we thought about the purpose why we would like to travel to that country. This was actually pretty clear for us – Safari, Safari, and Safari. After traveling to South Africa last year, we absolutely fell in love with watching all the wild animals in their natural environment. After setting Safari as our travel purpose, we did some research about where to best do this, and if thinking about Namibia and Safari, the Etosha National Park comes to mind pretty quick - so stop number one was defined. However, as Etosha is pretty far away from the airport (about 7 hours’ drive), we decided to stop over at another lodge before and after the Etosha National Park. After deciding that we basically had defined the key frame of our travel: 10 days Safari with three different stops and hopefully as many animals as possible!

Arrival in Windhoek

Beginning of our trip was a 10 hours overnight flight from Frankfurt to Windhoek where we arrived at 6 AM in the morning. For our trip through Namibia we rented a 4x4 SUV as the streets there are mostly gravel or sand. After landing at a pretty deserted airport, we first had to manage our car rental as we had some problems with getting a second tire (highly recommended!). Additionally after that we decided to get some SIM cards for the whole family which has been the best decision ever as there is basically nowhere Wi-Fi (even the connection in the lodges is pretty bad!). For a total of 4GB, we paid around 5€, so it is pretty affordable, and we directly got installed our SIM cards by the provider at the Windhoek airport. After everything has been set, we started driving towards our first destination: Okonjima Bush Camp.

Day 1 – 3: AfriCat Foundation / Okonjima Bush Camp

The main reason why we decided to stop here is the location of the AfriCat Foundation. The AfriCat Foundation, founded in 1992, is a non-profit organization recognized by the Namibian Ministry of Environment and Tourism, which strives to preserve African big cats, especially cheetahs and leopards. As the number of big cats in Africa did decline within the past years, it is more than necessary to protect them further. Within our stay at Okonjima Bush Camp, we visited the foundation with their clinic but also did game drives within the reserve. The experience there was absolutely amazing as we saw many leopards and cheetahs which has been fantastic for taking beautiful photos.

Day 3 – 7: Etosha National Park / Onguma Tented Camp

After spending three days in Okonjima, we continued with our trip to the Etosha National Park, which was a 6 hours’ drive (we took the long road also to see some more of Namibia’s nature). Unfortunately, we arrived there after sunset, so the National Park was already closed. For vehicles not staying on a campsite in the park are only allowed to enter from sunrise to sunset. Therefore, we had to wait for the next morning for our Safari drive.

Our lodge was offering some Safari drives with a guide that we did book for one morning and one evening in total. The rest of our days there we were driving on our own into the Etosha National Park which was fine as because of the number of animals there it is not possible to miss them. Only be aware of the best times for Safari: morning and evening! From around 11 AM until 4 PM it gets pretty hot, and most of the animals are hiding somewhere in the shade during that time. I would describe Safari in the Etosha National Park as one of the most amazing things I have ever done in my life. Seeing all these animals in the wildness is just so fascinating and calming. We had the luck to even spot a leopard and three hunting cheetahs in the wild.

Overall I can only highly recommend you visiting the Etosha National Park for at least three up to four days. As I was traveling with my family, we decided to do a more relaxing version with staying in a tented lodge and not to go camping with a roof tent on the car. I can here only recommend our lodge Onguma Tented camp!

Ohh and not to forget: Our walking Safari experience – absolutely insane! Our lodge offered some walks in their private game reserve where are mainly Lions, Giraffes, and Rhinos. It is an entirely different experience walking around in the bush than being in the car! If you can do that – do it!

Day 7 – 10: Kalahari Desert / Otjimbondona Kalahari

Our last stop was at the beginning of the Kalahari Desert and only 120 kilometers away from Windhoek airport. The place where we stayed was stunning, and we got the chance to enjoy and relax the last two days in Namibia. From the lodge, we had some fantastic views, and it was possible to watch Rhinos from laying at the pool. I enjoyed it there, but I guess in the end I would have stayed one day longer in Etosha National Park as this place impressed me the most!

After traveling ten days through Namibia, I can only say: I will be back soon! Such a beautiful country, super friendly people, safe and the most beautiful landscape. This time we more focused on Safari in the north/east and the next time I will be back I would like to explore the south/west of Namibia further.

All right, so I hope you enjoyed this blog post. If you have any questions about Namibia, do not hesitate to contact me anytime!




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