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Who we are

Hi ! We are Maja and Chris, the creative faces behind Twosomepioneers.


We are two enthusiastic content creators who fell in love 4 years ago and ever since developed a strong passion for photography, videography and blogging!


We love to create content from all over the world and share our journey with you guys on social media. 

  • Instagram - Weiß Kreis


#10 Facts About Us

#1 Maja: I'm having a B.Sc.in Finance and a M.Sc. in Management with a focus on Strategic Marketing. 

#2 Chris: After finishing my B.Sc. in Psychology and Management, I did a my Master in Management in Lisbon, Portugal. 

#3 Maja: If I would have two wished free, the first would be a healthy family (mum, dad, etc.) and the second wish would be the ability to travel every country on this planet! 

#4 Chris: I'm very passionated about every sport that is related to the mountains and includes lot's of action such as skiing hiking and climbing. 

#5 Maja: Even though I studied Finance and Management, I'm a creative head. I've never wanted something more than working in a creative job one day! 

#6 Chris: I never travel without our camera gear, my coffee grinder and some good coffee beans. 

#7 Maja: I'm a super organized person and everything has to be structured, except in our household, there I'm a but chaotic. 

#8 Chris: I'm originally from a small town in Bavaria, therefore I still have a little Bavarian accent. 

#9 Maja: My favorite county I have ever visited so far is Namibia. Generally, Africa is my favorite continent. 

#10 Chris: So far, the country I liked the most was Schottland and currently high on my travel bucket list is Nepal, Pakistan and Japan.